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United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock..or anything with meaningful lyrics or a good beat to dance to :D
Favourite cartoon character: Vendetta from Making Fiends (thing is though..i can do Charlotte's voice perfectly)
Personal Quote: "Love is life. If you miss love, you miss life."
Tamaki [Prince Type]:
[] You are French ( I maybe could be)
[x] You're a very romantic person
[] You flirt a lot with girls/boys.
[/] Easily fooled by things that wouldn't fool most. (sometimes it happens)
[] You're overly eccentric in everything you do.
[] You care about your family deeply even if they don't return the feelings
[] Your birthday is April 8th
[] You're slow when it comes to your own feelings.
Total: 1.5

Kyoya [Cool Type]:
[x] You wear glasses.
[x] You are known for being "evil".
[] Your favourite foods are anything spicy
[/] You excel in everything you do
[/] You're a very calculating person.
[x] Your birthday is November 22. ((MINES NOVEMBER 23RD!!!..that counts right?!))
[] You hate waking up in the morning.
[] You never like to do anything unless it has a benefit
Total: 4

Hunny [Loli Shota Type]:
[] You're the shortest out of your friends.
[/] You love cakes and sweets. ( likes salty foods better sometimes)
[] You have a stuffed animal that has special meaning to you.
[x] You are/have taken a martial arts class
[x] You are close to your cousins.
[] You look a lot younger than you are
[] You're born on February 29th
[x] Your favourite subject is math. (at the moment it is :P)
Total: 3.5

Mori [Wild Type]:
[] You're the tallest out of your friends.
[] You only talk when you need to
[x] You're protective of people you care for.
[] You favorite food is Japanese food (Hispanic food ftw)
[x] When bad things happen you tend to blame yourself a lot.
[] Your birthday is May 5th
[] You're not much of a leader but more of a follower
[/] Not many people know what you're thinking (depends….)
Total: 2.5

Hikaru [Devil Type]:
[] You and your sibling have a strong bond. (only child…)
[/] You're a very cynical person. (depends on what it is xD)
[] You like to mess with your siblings a lot.
[] You're the oldest sibling.
[] Your birthday is June 9th
[x] You like Italian food (mhmmm ravioli and tortellini)
[] You get jealous easily (it happens rarely)
[/] You don't make friends easily (too shy with people I don't know L)
Total: 2

Kaoru [Devil Type]:
[] You like to play games.
[] Favourite subject, English.
[x] You enjoy fashion/cosplay. (done it xD)
[] You're nicer than your siblings
[] Your birthday is June 9th
[] You're very forgiving. (I tend to keep grudges….)
[] You'd rather give someone something and go without to make that person happy.
[/] You like playing tricks on people
Total: 1.5

Haruhi [Natural Type]:
[] You don't care about trivial things like appearance
[x] You're tight with money. (I can be protective of my money… xD)
[] You get along with guys (girls) well.
[/] You're blunt about everything. (*heheh*)
[] You're an excellent cook.
[] You have a hard time understanding love
[] Your birthday is February 4th
[x] People feel like they can open up and talk to you easily ( think so…?)
Total: 2.5

….wow I'm Hunny and Kyoya's love child xD
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Love Revolution (CN Blue)
  • Reading: The Count of Monte Cristo..still xD
  • Watching: Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 (eep!)
  • Eating: a chocolate covered coffee bean :3
  • Drinking: craving some Earl Grey after watching Kuro xD

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